Hey Everyone, Really looking forward to

Hey Everyone,

Really looking forward to the FREE webinar on how to Overcome Anxiety. There’s going to be LOTS of great information, no hard selling, just a relaxed 30 minute presentation that might just change your life!

Get your invite at http://humanrev.com/webinar



P.S. Scott will also provide a Q&A session at the end.
P.P.S. Feel free to ask any questions below. http://ow.ly/i/4iyns http://ow.ly/sCaWn


Cut the CRAP!

Human Revolution

About 2 years ago I was sitting opposite a client in a coaching capacity and I found myself desperately searching for the meaning of it all. I was simply not getting through to my client. We were simply going over the same old ground again and again. It had become more of a counselling session than a Natural Life Coaching Session. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for counselling in the world, but I consider it only a part of what I do. I enjoy seeing fast effective change in people, who are really ready for dynamic change!

 I listened and I listened and I listened some more. Everything I said seemed to just go over their head or bounce off their built-in defensive mechanisms.

There was a moment when I nearly threw in the towel. I have never given up on a client and this was a…

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